Ks 6,000

South Korea 

Introducing Korea’s #1 Best-Selling Hangover Drink for 25 years! It’s a gel-stick that you can quickly eat before drinking – to prevent nasty hangovers! The formula starts with a base of 100% Korea-Grown Oriental Raisin Tree which in recent years have shown beneficial effects in easing hangovers.

Country of Origin: South Korea

Capacity: 18g x 1 packets

Flavor: Green Apple

Ingredient: Combination of 15 key ingredients including Milk Thistle Extract, Barley Leaf Extract, Taurine, Chinese Matrimony Vine Fruit to relieve hangovers

Directions: Take gel straight into your mouth – no need for water. Take 1 packet 30 minutes before drinking. But if you forget, you can also take it after you’re done drinking (or before bed). Note: If you’ve drunken much more than your normal limits, it’s okay to take two packets.

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