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Honshu, Hiroshima, Japan

Togouchi is a special player in the Japanese whisky market. Firstly because the whiskies that make up the range are a blend of Scottish malt whiskies and grain whiskies from Canada. They are then blended in Japan and aged in an old railway tunnel where the constant temperature of 14°C allows an ideal maturation.

Togouchi Beer Cask Finish is marked on the nose by the influence of the IPA beer transmitted during the maturation process with hints of hops, but also the honeyed rum flavors inherited from Martinique rum. In spite of its young age, it expresses in the mouth a beautiful complexity with aromas of baked apples, nuts and corn flakes all coated by a discreet peat. On the finish it disappears with sweetness leaving behind the sweetness of honey, the finesse of peat and a slight bitterness.

Type: Blend

Finishing Cask: IPA Beer

Peat: Lightly Peated

Technical information: Alc. 40%

Bottle: 700ml

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